S3E36 Interview with Omri Dor, CEO & Co-Founder of Obligo

The security deposit is one of the biggest hassles in all of real estate. The tenant is required to sometimes tie up thousands of dollars to move into a new apartment or house, the landlord has to secure that money in a separate trust account, and then at the end of the lease the landlord has to return that money back to the tenant. But often times the exchange doesn't go as smoothly as planned. Obligo is challenging the concept of even having a security deposit at all and instead looking into how both landlords and tenants can kiss that practice goodbye for ever in exchange for a more seamless system. During this interview Omri Dor, CEO and Co-Founder of Obligo, explains exactly how they're tackling this challenge and why this is so important for everyone involved in the rental transaction.

Obligo is a fintech company that rids both renters and landlords from the burden of security deposits.

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