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S7E74 Interview with Drew Sterrett, Co-Founder of LEX

LEX is on a bold mission. They want to make it possible for you to buy shares of commercial real estate, similarly to the way you can buy stocks. "Don't buy brands. Buy buildings." That's straight from their website and it's how I kick off the interview with co-founder, Drew Sterrett. We get into the details of exactly how consumers will soon be able to buy and sell shares of buildings, regardless of investor status with as little as $100. No minimum holding periods and very little friction. There's a lot happening in fractional ownership these days, so I asked Drew to share why LEX is totally different than anything else available on the market. You'll need to listen in to hear the details.

S7E73 Interview with Janine Yorio, Co-Founder of Compound

Before we even talk about what Compound does, let me tell you about my experience. I downloaded the Compound mobile app, created an account, and reserved 10 shares of a luxury class-A condo in Miami in less than 10 minutes. Janine Yorio, Co-Founder and CEO of Compound, is paving the way to a better and more accessible future for investing in real estate. This is her second appearance on the Tech Nest podcast and we talk through some of the fantastic progress Compound has made over the last 10 months, the challenges they've overcome (hint: they're SEC compliant), and what the future holds. They're coming fresh off a rebrand and have been scoring some incredible press lately including a feature in the Wall Street Journal. Janine shares details of which cities they've acquired properties for you to invest in today and how they'll be working towards their vision of being a global company. Don't miss out on this one!

S7E72 Interview with Kenon Chen, EVP of Clear Capital

In this interview, we uncover when culture makes all the difference in building a sustainable tech company. Kenon Chen, EVP of Corporate Strategy at Clear Capital breaks down how they've been able to build a big, smart real estate and fintech company. They've been in operation for 18 years, having worked with 47 of the top 50 lenders, managing 750,000+ valuation transactions monthly, and have 2.6 billion property data records in their database. As we got to talking, Kenon reveals some of their unique strategy to recruit talent and they're super customer-centric approach to growth. Clear Capital isn't the brand name that consumers are likley used to hearing, but don't get it twisted—they're at the forefront—even working with iBuyers on their deals. Don't sleep on this interview. Lots of golden nuggets all throughout!

S7E71 Interview with Zachary Aarons, Co-Founder of MetaProp

Let's start with the facts. MetaProp is the most active, early-stage proptech VC firm in the game. Zach Aarons, Co-Founder of MetaProp came on the show to break down how MetaProp has maintained their deal flow, what they look for when making investments and more. Zach is no stranger to real estate. He literally grew up around the business. But his pursuit to understanding the game and digging in to see what the future opportunities are is second to none. If you're a startup founder in proptech and you only have time for one Tech Nest episode to listen to, this one is it.

S7E70 Interview with Chris Rising, CEO of Rising Realty Partners

When you've been operating your commercial real estate business for 5, 10, even 20 years, you might assume there's no need to change with the times (because you know what you're doing and how it gets done!). But if you listen to how CRE veteran, Chris Rising, is looking at the industry, he'll tell you differently. Chris is CEO of Rising Realty Partners. Rising RP is a full-service operator and investor, working in California, Washington, and Colorado. They're leveraging new tech, investing in tech, and building tech to give them an unfair advantage as operators and investors in commercial real estate. We get into the details of what Rising RP is investing into and Chris even shares which tools are part of their tech stack. A valuable interview for proptech companies working with commercial investors, as well as for commercial investors looking to up their tech approach to real estate. Tune in!

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