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Future Trends in Proptech Are Here Now with Zain Jaffer, Partner at Blue Field Capital

The future trends in proptech are here. Now. Zain Jaffer, an experienced entrepreneur, investor, as well as fellow podcaster, comes in swinging with a lot of insights as to where we're headed—but also, where we currently are on an array of topics. We kick off this interview by jumping straight into a discussion focused around job automations, leading to AI, multi-family investing insanity, and affordable housing. Zain weaves in his experience and expertise to answer some important questions on what's next for the real estate and proptech industry. It's his experience and vision that's helped him make strategic investments in real estate and proptech over the years, and today you get a glimpse into what he's seeing.

Industrial Warehousing Innovations, with Brad Wright of Chunker and Peter Lewis of Wharton Equity Partners

It's no secret by now that industrial warehousing is a hot topic and industry for investors. However lesser known and talked about is the ongoing innovation of the space. Last mile being reduced even further, AI and how its impacting operations, and the big opportunity to better serve the small- to midcap businesses. In this episode, Brad Wright of Chunker will share how his company is creating the Airbnb of warehousing and Peter Lewis of Wharton Equity Partners digs into where and how he's investing. This is a two-for-one episode. Download and let's go!

Tech Nest Podcast Returns with FinLedger

It was about time to bring back the Tech Nest Podcast. After many requests for interviews and a burning desire to connect with proptech founders, the delay is over. Even better is the news of a new partnership for Tech Nest that will increase our distribution and add resources to producing this show. I'm stoked to announce Tech Nest will be produced and distributed by FinLedger, in partnership with HW Media. This is a big win for the show, FinLedger, our guests, and for proptech. From Clayton at HW Media, "The Tech Nest Podcast has joined HW Media to be the official podcast of FinLedger! FinLedger was launched in 2020 as a fintech dedicated news and knowledge brand publishing daily articles, newsletters and virtual events. Starting in 2022, FinLedger is narrowing its coverage focus and dedicating all resources to the proptech vertical – one of the most exciting and high velocity fintech markets for innovation and impact." 2022 is going to be quite a year in proptech if 2021 was any indicator. We're committed to bringing you more proptech interviews, as well as several new types of show formats such as duel discussions and panels. The lineup for January '22 episodes is already stacked and recorded and you can expect at least one new episode each week. Please subscribe to Tech Nest in your favorite app store and join the Insider's Newsletter for more at TechNest.io or head over to Findledger.com/newsletters to be sure you get all the late episodes, updates, resources, and more. Thanks for all your support. Excited to be back recording for y'all!

S8E88 Interview with Dan Green, CEO of Homebuyer

When it comes to working with first-time homebuyers, why is it that lenders may avoid, or rather, not work to earn their business? It may have something to do with the time it takes to close. Many first-time buyers take longer to go from lead to actually buying a home. But what if you could better inform, educate, and assist first-time homebuyers through smart content? In this interview, I'm talking with Dan Green, CEO of Homebuyer, about why he's working to help first-time homebuyers. He mentioned the opportunity is big—2.5 million transactions each year kind of big. We talk content marketing, we talk sales funnels, we talk funding, and we talk some industry trends. Dan's built several businesses in the mortgage space over the years and really knows what it takes to attract and cultivate a customer base. At the end of the day, Homebuyer is a lender, but their approach is much different and could offer them the competitive edge many are trying to create in the lending space. Listen in to hear more about what Dan's creating.

S8E87 Interview with Rich Sarkis, CEO of Reonomy

Rich Sarkis is as sharp as they come and after you listen to this episode, I think you'll agree. He's the CEO of Reonomy, the breakout proptech data company that is making commercial real estate data accessible and actionable to all other businesses. This is the second time Reonomy has been featured on Tech Nest, and there's good reasons for that. Reonomy has built up a strong company that's seen impressive growth with a lot of buy in from strategic startup investors. We discuss Reonomy's success and Rich revealed very interesting information about their Series C and Series D. I think listening to this episode may have you thinking big. Give it a listen, then let me know.

S8E86 Interview with Annelise Osborne, Head of Strategy at Metechi

When you think of the lending industry, you may not think of loan syndication. And that's OK, but up until this interview, neither had I. Annelise Osborne is the Head of Strategy for Metechi. Metechi is, "a Syndication Marketplace providing lenders instant access to CRE, NPLs and C&I loans originated by banks and institutional investors." We had a great time during this interview discussing how this could give the local and regional banks far greater flexibility when it comes to selling their loans. In a world where headlines are dominated by consumer facing companies, you won't often find out about fintech companies like Metechi, and that makes this episode that much more worthwhile to listen to.

S8E85 Interview with Wes Walker, CEO of Propersum

When you're looking to buy vacation rental property, you'll want to have a good idea of how well that property will perform and what the costs will be for managing it. But if you're not from the area and don't know the details, how can you know your real estate agent or the property management company you called is giving you the right info? This is where Propersum changes the game. Wes Walker is the founder and CEO of Propersum, a new company aiming to make investing in vacation property much easier by providing better tools to agents and property management companies. We talk about the specific challenges and differences of the vacation market versus the long-term market. We even get into Wes's background and the approach he's taking when it comes to raising funds in order to grow Propersum.

S8E84 Interview with Jonathan Martis, CEO at Kleard

Open houses and showings have been a big part of the real estate sales process for a long time and have gone mostly unchanged. Only recently has new tech-enabled the consumer to tour homes without the presence of an agent. In this episode, Jonathan Martis, CEO of Kleard, shares how agent-less showings can be done well and safely. We talk through some of the challenges he's overcome in bringing smart tech to the agent market. Kleard has been making strides, taking home several industry awards for their tech and now they're ready to unveil their tech and hardware partnership that will enable customers to see more homes without having the agent present. And don't worry, we also talk about if this means the agent will be replaced by tech like this. Listen in to find out the answer.

S8E83 Interview with Matt Cors, Director at CREXi

CREXi has become a force to be reckoned with in the commercial real estate space very quickly. In this interview, I talk with one of CREXi's top directors, Matt Cors. He spills the beans on some of the new tech CREXi has been working on, what they've recently released, and where they're headed. For those who may not be familiar, CREXi is a listings marketplace for commercial properties. Aside from just having properties surface up in an easy to shop grid pattern, CREXi has entered the space of auctions, which given our current economic situation, could end up being a very big business. Don't hesitate to hit the play button. Even if you're not in the CRE space, Matt and I cover a lot you'll benefit from hearing.

S8E82 Interview with John Fagan, CEO at Doorkee

No matter how many units a landlord owns, maintaining a low vacancy rate is always a top priority. However, in order to keep low vacancy, this requires knowing if your tenant(s) is/are going to renew or if they plan on moving out. Many lease agreements require only a 30 day notice, which isn't always enough time to market the unit, schedule tours, perform maintenance and cleaning, and get the next tenant moved in without missing a few weeks or a month of rent. And depending on the location or type of unit, the landlord should probably budget 60 days from marketing the unit to filling it. Enter Doorkee. Doorkee was co-founded and is lead by CEO John Fagan. Doorkee is working to help New York City landlords rethink how they turn over units. Doorkee incentivizes tenants to give advanced notice they're planning to move out and handle showings. Doorkee is perfecting the process of aligning the interests of landlords and tenants—and that's awesome. This prevents landlords from facing extended and expensive vacancies, and much more. This is a longer than usual episode but John and I covered a lot and I think you'll enjoy the discussion as much as we did.

S8E81 Interview with Rob Chesnut, Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb

Rob Chesnut is the Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb. He brings a profound array of experience, ranging from his time as an attorney and to working at Ebay. At Ebay, he was the guy who help establish the rules of what you could and couldn't sell (and we talk about that as well!). Not to mention he also has advised for Upwork and Uber. This interview is unlike any other we've had on Tech Nest. Instead of talking about tech revolution, industry transformation, and disruption, we delve into topics like ethics and culture. In this interview, we talk through why corporate ethics is so important, how it shapes culture, and even how internal culture helps the external positioning of a company. Rob is the expert on corporate ethics—he's literally written the book on the topic called Intentional Integrity. We even dig into one of Rob's signature programs he's created for building and growing a culture of integrity. Listen in and then grab a copy of Rob's book for yourself at intentionalintegrity.com.

S8E80 Interview with Hannah Gorlick, Co-Founder of Doorside

It's no surprise when you hear top-producing real estate agents and property managers frequently need help in accommodating clients with showings. A known part of this challenge includes finding someone from your brokerage you trust who's capable of taking care of that showing and then compensating the agent. However, with agent to agent tasks, all compensation needs to flow through the brokerage. Accomplishing all of this requires manual task management and could prove tedious for the managing broker to keep track of hundreds of agent to agent transactions. That's why Hannah Gorlick and the team at Doorside are creating a platform for brokerages and property management companies to set up their own marketplaces for agent to agent tasks. This makes it simpler for top producers to find someone to handle a task, gives new agents supplemental income, and provides the brokerage the compliance coverage they need, all in one app.

S8E79 Interview with Georges Benoliel, Founder of NestApple

The need for innovation from real estate brokerages is apparent. Consumer shopping behavior continues to evolve with technology and consumers expect all industries to keep up. With big changes in how a service is delivered, it's no wonder then why price and value are questioned. If one task used to take hours, but now only takes minutes, should it cost the same? This is something Georges and Nicole Fishman Benoliel question with regards to the cost of hiring a real estate agent. Their brokerage, Nest Apple, aims to disrupt the New York and Connecticut markets by redistributing commissions from agents to consumers in hopes to re-align the value to cost perception consumers have.

S7E78 Interview with Robert Salvador, CEO of DigiBuild

The time has come for Tech Nest to feature a leader in construction tech and blockchain. Robert Salvador, a veteran of the construction industry here in Chicago, is solving some huge pain points that exist in the construction world. His company, DigiBuild, is helping general contractors save time and money by helping automate tedious processes like scheduling, materials procurement, and paying contractors. Robert shares in great detail the major pain points that delay projects and cost developers and investors money. We also talk about the market potentials for a business like DigiBuild (hint, it's pretty big). Don't sleep on construction tech. The timing couldn't be better to understand this segment of proptech.

S7E77 Interview with David Sullivan, CEO of Till

"The home is the foundation for every family." How can you disagree with that sentiment? David Sullivan, CEO of Till, joined me to talk about some of the many challenges that exist in the rental market today. We go beyond the obvious issue of affordability and availability of good housing options for millions of Americans. Part of the challenge is people are stretched so thin financially, which pushes them to fall behind on rent, incur steep late rent fees, and this plays into a tough cycle that makes it difficult for people to escape the pattern. Listen to hear exactly how David applies his experience from finance and working with REITs to helping renters avoid these costly fee and the pattern of being behind.

S7E76 Interview with Aaron Letzeiser, Co-Founder of Obie

We're talking about commercial real estate, insurance, fundraising and more in this episode with the Co-Founder of a startup based here in Chicago. Aaron Letzeiser is the Co-Founder of Obie. He and his brother started Obie to help commercial real estate owners and investors better manage their portfolios. Perhaps one of the things you'll hear in this interview is how they've worked to flip the model and make their software free. Of course the obvious question is then, how do they make money? Well that's a great question and Aaron explains in detail the business model and why commercial insurance makes this all possible. This interview is jammed packed with valuable insights. Tune in!

S7E75 Interview with Rikki Rogers, VP of Marketing at Curbio

Imagine owning a home that could sell for a lot more if only you had the money and/or skill to renovate it. For a lot of people, this is a challenge they face. Unfortunately, how the average consumer doesn't know which repairs to prioritize and if those repairs will actually help the property net more when sold. This is just a snippet of the problem Curbio is in pursuit of solving. In this episode, I'm joined by the VP of Marketing at Curbio, Rikki Rogers. Rikki is a marketing veteran. She breaks down the business that Curbio is building and how they differentiate from other service providers. We get into the details of what makes Curbio different from the average home renovator, what role tech is playing in their business, and the reason why they're expanding nationwide with employees vs. relying on a network of contractors.

S7E74 Interview with Drew Sterrett, Co-Founder of LEX

LEX is on a bold mission. They want to make it possible for you to buy shares of commercial real estate, similarly to the way you can buy stocks. "Don't buy brands. Buy buildings." That's straight from their website and it's how I kick off the interview with co-founder, Drew Sterrett. We get into the details of exactly how consumers will soon be able to buy and sell shares of buildings, regardless of investor status with as little as $100. No minimum holding periods and very little friction. There's a lot happening in fractional ownership these days, so I asked Drew to share why LEX is totally different than anything else available on the market. You'll need to listen in to hear the details.

S7E73 Interview with Janine Yorio, Co-Founder of Compound

Before we even talk about what Compound does, let me tell you about my experience. I downloaded the Compound mobile app, created an account, and reserved 10 shares of a luxury class-A condo in Miami in less than 10 minutes. Janine Yorio, Co-Founder and CEO of Compound, is paving the way to a better and more accessible future for investing in real estate. This is her second appearance on the Tech Nest podcast and we talk through some of the fantastic progress Compound has made over the last 10 months, the challenges they've overcome (hint: they're SEC compliant), and what the future holds. They're coming fresh off a rebrand and have been scoring some incredible press lately including a feature in the Wall Street Journal. Janine shares details of which cities they've acquired properties for you to invest in today and how they'll be working towards their vision of being a global company. Don't miss out on this one!

S7E72 Interview with Kenon Chen, EVP of Clear Capital

In this interview, we uncover when culture makes all the difference in building a sustainable tech company. Kenon Chen, EVP of Corporate Strategy at Clear Capital breaks down how they've been able to build a big, smart real estate and fintech company. They've been in operation for 18 years, having worked with 47 of the top 50 lenders, managing 750,000+ valuation transactions monthly, and have 2.6 billion property data records in their database. As we got to talking, Kenon reveals some of their unique strategy to recruit talent and they're super customer-centric approach to growth. Clear Capital isn't the brand name that consumers are likley used to hearing, but don't get it twisted—they're at the forefront—even working with iBuyers on their deals. Don't sleep on this interview. Lots of golden nuggets all throughout!

S7E71 Interview with Zachary Aarons, Co-Founder of MetaProp

Let's start with the facts. MetaProp is the most active, early-stage proptech VC firm in the game. Zach Aarons, Co-Founder of MetaProp came on the show to break down how MetaProp has maintained their deal flow, what they look for when making investments and more. Zach is no stranger to real estate. He literally grew up around the business. But his pursuit to understanding the game and digging in to see what the future opportunities are is second to none. If you're a startup founder in proptech and you only have time for one Tech Nest episode to listen to, this one is it.

S7E70 Interview with Chris Rising, CEO of Rising Realty Partners

When you've been operating your commercial real estate business for 5, 10, even 20 years, you might assume there's no need to change with the times (because you know what you're doing and how it gets done!). But if you listen to how CRE veteran, Chris Rising, is looking at the industry, he'll tell you differently. Chris is CEO of Rising Realty Partners. Rising RP is a full-service operator and investor, working in California, Washington, and Colorado. They're leveraging new tech, investing in tech, and building tech to give them an unfair advantage as operators and investors in commercial real estate. We get into the details of what Rising RP is investing into and Chris even shares which tools are part of their tech stack. A valuable interview for proptech companies working with commercial investors, as well as for commercial investors looking to up their tech approach to real estate. Tune in!

S6E69 Interview with Brody Saunders, CEO of IdealEstate

Imagine building a real estate network for 5,000, 10,000, or even 20,000 professionals nationwide. OK, that's a lot of real estate agents, inspectors, appraisers, and lenders to connect with—which would likely take a lot of time, effort, and money to do. Unless of course you're a social media rockstar and have the time for building this sort of network. But that's exactly the problem—real estate agents and other professionals know there's value in having a large network but often don't have the tools, time, or skill to build it. And that's what Brody Saunders, CEO of IdealEstate, is working to solve. He's built what some would describe as the LinkedIn for real estate agents. We talk through why this is such a valuable service and even how one agent amassed a network of over 50,000 (organically) in less than a month. Don't let me stop there, though. Brody and his team are creating their own version of a nationwide MLS and they have some traction moving with this product. We also dig into the business details as to why Brody is likely not going to raise more investment capital (hint: they're growth lightning fast, profitably). Tune in!

S6E68 Interview with Laurence Jankelow, Co-Founder of Avail

This is quite a special episode in that I get to interview my boss. Laurence Jankelow, an experienced real estate investor and former Goldman Sachs executive, is co-founder and COO at Avail. Laurence is one of the most versatile and eclectic people to be featured on Tech Nest. He got into real estate investing first with tax liens and then by managing properties. Over the years, he's built Avail from the ground up, doing everything from coding the first versions of Avail (then Rentalutions) to marketing and customer service. Laurence is one of the best when it comes to breaking down operations and creating systems to effectively build and grow a business—and we get to talk through that a bit as well. This episode is very relaxed and laid back, but is packed full of fantastic lessons and advice for founders in any vertical.

S6E67 Interview with Ajay Kumar, CEO of TheHouseMonk

Coliving is a rapidly expanding market that is catching the attention of service providers, global. In this interview, I talk with the founder and CEO of TheHouseMonk, Ajay Kumar, about a recent report his company compiled detailing the global coliving market. We get into details such as which country has the most renters living in coliving, which is most profitable, and where some of the biggest opportunities are. TheHouseMonk is a platform designed for tenants to improve their living experience, so of course we talk about what they offer and the uniqueness of their service in that they're present in nine different countries. Listen in.

S6E66 Interview with Brenden Millstein, CEO of Carbon Lighthouse

Why is it that if you're pro-environment, the narrative is you must also be anti-business? This is the common thread I've seen in articles and reports, but is that true? Brenden Millstein, CEO and Founder of Carbon Lighthouse, is on mission to not only prove combatting climate change is a noble cause, but that it's profitable. Carbon Lighthouse works with building owners to dramatically reduce their energy consumption using high-tech software and sensors. On this episode, we talk through their explosive growth, huge vision, and even get into the specifics of their ideal customer type (which I was dead wrong on, btw). Check it out!

S6E65 Interview with Karen Abram, Founder of dashCMA

Karen Abram, Founder of dashCMA, is on a mission to take the tedious process of putting together a CMA (comparative market analysis) and making it far more interactive and automated. Karen's got a great story and is leading her bootstrapped startup into a challenging and fragmented environment. We discuss the hurdles of expanding nationwide, while leveraging data from different MLS providers and the overall market opportunity waiting before dashCRM. We even approach the topic of should there be a national MLS—Karen doesn't hold back on her answer for that. Tune in!

S6E64 Tech Nest Proptech Guests Raise $200M Cumulatively and Industry Updates

If you're following the companies I'm talking with, then you're seeing a trail success being blazed right before your eyes. In this podcast episode, I recap companies I've featured previously including Reonomy, Remarkably, and of course Avail. Of the companies I've featured, they've gone on to raise over $200M since they were featured on Tech Nest. I also put my guest list I'd like to make happen in 2020 including guests from Compass, NFX, VTS, Inc., Hello Alfred, and Clutter.Not finished recording new episodes for 2019 yet, but getting amped up for the interviews I can hopefully bring y'all in 2020! BTW, if you're not yet on our Insiders email list, you can join, visit http://technest.io to find the link.

S6E63 Interview with Dror Poleg, Author of Rethinking Real Estate

Getting straight to the point: it's time we re-think real estate. That's part of the message author, founder, consultant, and investor, Dror Poleg, wants to share with the world. He's gone through the painstaking process of documenting the details of what, why, and how it's time we rethink what we know about real estate. "Rethinking Real Estate: A Roadmap to Technology’s Impact on the World’s Largest Asset Class", is not a book about proptech, per se. It's more about how technology is impacting real estate as a whole. During our interview, Dror discusses more than just the book though. We talk about startups who are getting things right and some that may be missing the boat. We talk trends in tech and funding. And of course, WeWork, wiggled their way into the conversation, but no spoiler alerts from me. Listen in for the details!

S6E62 Interview with Sean Hsieh, CEO of Concreit

Imagine having a savings account that generates a return 50 times greater than what your average savings accounts does? Good news, it's not too far off as a reality thanks to what a company called Concreit is trying to do. CEO Sean Hsieh took some time to explain the challenges in making commercial real estate an accessible asset class for the average person (industry term "retail investor") and what he's working to do to change that. They're creating a mobile first platform that will allow you to invest as little as a dollar at a time into commercial real estate assets—with no minimum holding period. There will be a small transaction fee, but the liquidity will be near equivalent to any standard savings account. I love the concept because it would allow me to put my money to work, in a better way, as I save up for making larger investments a year or two down the line. Also, let's not forget the creative name, Concreit—with "REIT" built into the name. We discuss the importance of marketing and branding for services that are looking to attract the retail customer as well.

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