Radically Rethinking Real Estate Sales and Development Software with Simeon Garratt, CEO of Spark

Radically Rethinking Real Estate Sales and Development Software with Simeon Garratt, CEO of Spark

The complexity of building high-density living is fully understood by few, but most of us can at least recognize from the outside looking in there's so many moving parts and pieces. Layer on top of the building part, is the sales and marketing needed in order for projects to start performing. Simeon Garratt, co-founder and CEO of Spark Real Estate Software, has positioned himself and his company to help developers with this very thing. Spark has seen a spurt of growth—even in the midst of the pandemic. They closed a Series A round of funding mid-2021 for just north of $5M and are adding enterprise clients at a quick pace. In this interview, Garratt shares how the pandemic accelerated the need for Spark's solutions, organic growth in sales through referrals and word of mouth, and the need for helping developers start to own their own data. Don't let the title of this interview fool you into thinking this is only about selling real estate. There's more to the story.
More About Spark and Simeon Garratt

Spark is an esteemed real estate software company, leading the New Development industry in digital sales, marketing, and management solutions. Working with developers, project marketing firms and new development-oriented brokerages in over 80 cities globally, has positioned Spark as the fastest growing technology platform in the industry and a leader within their respective vertical.

As a company they combine several areas of expertise to radically rethink existing systems. Beyond having a regionally agnostic technology, the way Spark structures and offers visibility to data sets them apart in the industry. This is a fundamental aspect of the platform itself and the first time in this industry that developers can use one system to make key decisions

As co-founder of Spark, Simeon has been responsible for landing some of Spark’s top real estate clients in North America. Years of living abroad in Asia and building his experience in the real estate industry fueled his ultimate vision — to transform and streamline how new development is managed and sold. With an extensive background in selling and marketing property, Simeon has been involved in the sales of over 1,000 homes internationally which helped bring Spark into more than 80 cities worldwide. Recently, Garratt has been nominated to President of the BC Real Estate Tech Association, where he looks forward to sharing his expertise and institutional knowledge of the fast-changing industry. 

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