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S4E40 Interview with David Anderson, President at LionDesk

Let's first start with this: LionDesk is not just another CRM. They've been around for a few years, but if there's one thing you'll learn from their founder, David Anderson, its that he is working to make the heavy work of keeping up with clients much easier for agents. We don't often feature tools like this on our show, but it's the focus on making the real estate transaction better by improving how the agent can do their work that stood out to me. Listen in to hear what they're working on and what's to come from LionDesk.

S4E39 Interview with Maraz Rahman, VP of Growth & Business Development at Naborly

The entire rental market is ripe for disruption from many different angles. Possibly one of the most important aspects to managing a rental property, other than collecting the rent, is the screening process. In this interview, we talk with Maraz Rahman, Naborly's VP of Growth and Business Development. Naborly is working to bring AI to the process of screening prospective tenants and they're working to make this a free service for landlords. Listen to hear more about this new service.

S3E38 Interview with Barret Newberry, CEO & Founder of Leasera

What if there was a way to ensure building owners could always get qualified tenants, who are likely to be loyal long-term tenants because they had the right incentives in place? What if we took the idea of loyalty rewards programs and started applying the same concepts we see with hotels, airlines, and credit cards to renting a place to live? This is just part of what Barret Newberry, founder of Leasera is looking to do. I think you'll discover the passion Barret has for the rental industry and for creating a great experience for tenants is contagious. And he's looking to do this all the while making the rental business more profitable for owners.

S3E37 Interview with Lisa Fettner, VP of Marketing for ReferralExchange

For about the last 5 1/2 years, Lisa Fettner has proven to be an industry leader as she's taken charge in the marketing and growth at ReferralExchange. ReferralExchange provides a platform that allows real estate agents to more seamlessly transfer and better manage referrals—anywhere in the country. Think about when a client is relocating out of state or they're looking to purchase a property out of state, the old system of having to know everyone, everywhere just isn't efficient for agents and that can lead to a poor experience for the consumer. ReferralExchange has a great approach to what they're doing and Lisa really knows the industry well. Listen in!

S3E36 Interview with Omri Dor, CEO & Co-Founder of Obligo

The security deposit is one of the biggest hassles in all of real estate. The tenant is required to sometimes tie up thousands of dollars to move into a new apartment or house, the landlord has to secure that money in a separate trust account, and then at the end of the lease the landlord has to return that money back to the tenant. But often times the exchange doesn't go as smoothly as planned. Obligo is challenging the concept of even having a security deposit at all and instead looking into how both landlords and tenants can kiss that practice goodbye for ever in exchange for a more seamless system. During this interview Omri Dor, CEO and Co-Founder of Obligo, explains exactly how they're tackling this challenge and why this is so important for everyone involved in the rental transaction.

S3E35 Interview with Ryan Coon, Co-Founder at Avail

Ryan Coon and his company Avail are serving hundreds of thousands of DIY landlords and tenants across the country, making the experience of renting better. Avail is an online tool that enables DIY landlords to effectively find and screen tenants, market their properties for rent, collect rent automatically each month, and keep track of all their rental properties all in one place. Ryan also drops quite a few knowledge bombs in this episode on the state of the industry, the importance of branding, and more. Ryan co-founded Avail (formerly Rentalutions) in 2011, is a member of the Forbes Real Estate council, and is a RE200 Mentor with MetaProp NYC, so you know he's bringing the heat. Listen in!

S3E34 Interview with Tore Steen, CEO & Co-Founder of CrowdStreet

Sometimes is all starts with a mission. "At CrowdStreet we believe that markets are stronger when they are accessible, transparent, and efficient." That's straight from the CrowdStreet website. In this interview, you'll hear how Tore Steen, Co-Founder and CEO of CrowdStreet, is working to help investors and sponsors across the country connect and invest in commercial real estate. CrowdStreet was recently voted "best crowdfunding and capital sourcing" by CREtech. Tore and I got to discuss quite a lot during this interview including commercial real estate investing vs. the stock market, opportunity zones, and the three different ways you can invest in a wide variety of commercial real estate through the CrowdStreet platform.

S3E33 Interview with Nima Wedlake, Principal at Thomvest Ventures

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to scoring a big chunk of cash for your startup idea? Well, that secret isn't exactly revealed in this interview, but you will learn more about obtaining backing from VCs. Nima Wedlake, Principal at Thomvest Ventures shares insights into how they invest, and what they look for. You'll hear how Thomvest is different from many of VCs. We talk unicorns, how fintech and real estate tech go together, and more. If you're a company founder or think you'll ever need to seek out investors, this is an episode you can't afford to miss out on.

S3E32 Interview with William Devar, CEO & Co-Founder at Tridster

Most real estate transactions include real estate title and settlement services. And if you ask these different companies, they will tell you they're not all the same and charge different prices, though it's tough to compare. So exactly how is the consumer supposed to know who to go with, what the cost is, and how stable is their title insurance provider is incase there is an issue on title? All of these challenges and more is what William Devar is working to tackle at Tridster. He's the co-founder and CEO of Tridster that is helping bring transparency to title insurance and settlement services in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and California. William mentioned the average Tridster visitor has reported savings of $800 by comparing title and settlement services. I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty stoked on that savings.

S3E31 Interview with Alissa Harper, VP of Growth with Buyside

Anytime you get a chance to learn from true movers and shakers, do it. It'll save you time, energy, and money. Alissa Harper is a true mover and shaker in real estate and the real estate tech space. She's the VP of Growth a Buyside, a company that is working with the top brokerages nationwide to help them better leverage data to win new business. There's simply no shortage of tools and tech right now, but we don't get caught up in the shininess of everything. It's clear the work Alissa is doing is focused on helping real estate agents achieve the optimal result, not just have a fun tool that can do some neat things. Do not pass up listening to Alissa's interview!

S3E30 Interview with Andrew Flachner, Co-Founder & President of RealScout

You can play the game of non-stop lead generation in order to build your business, but at some point you need to convert those leads. And if you convert more leads, then you won't likely have to do so much lead generation. This is just a snapshot as to what RealScout is doing for THOUSANDS of real estate agents nationwide. In this interview, Andrew Flachner shares a lot more than just how RealScout is helping realtors perform more efficiently and effectively. He also discusses the need for a collaborative buyers graph, shares advice for startups, and leaks out information about his latest project--a documentary covering the technology battle that's happening right now in the real estate industry. (Listen all the way to the end for the details on that!)

S3E29 Interview with Pat Kinsel, Founder & CEO of Notarize

So much to say about the work Pat Kinsel and the team at Notarize are doing to revolutionize the role notaries can have in the real estate transaction. They've helped pass legislation, have partnered with real estate investors, and are already having an impact serving iBuyers (though I couldn't get Pat to reveal which ones). This is a longer episode, but it's worth the listen because you'll hear how Notarize is paving the way for speeding up the real estate transaction with their 24/7 digital service. Check it out!

S3E28 Interview with Sam Viskovich, VP of Marketing at Reonomy

Sam Viskovich is blazing a path in the commercial real estate tech space and the effect has been explosive growth for the data company Reonomy. Reonomy leverages the power of data and technology to transform commercial real estate. As Sam notes, commercial real estate is the world's largest asset class, but it really hasn't done well in keeping up with tech disruption like so many other industries. We discuss why the commercial real estate space needs data tools like Reonomy, the numerous use cases you wouldn't likely assume, and why Reonomy is uniquely positioned to dominate this space.

S3E27 Interview with Juan Gabriel Molina, Founder of Real Closers

Juan Molina is a lead-generation machine. In this interview we discuss the lead generation challenges, and the need (or lack there of a need) for agents to have their own individual search portals. Juan is a serial entrepreneur and investor who's pro-actively working to improve the process of lead generation, community, and technology for real estate professionals. We go in to details about systems and the need for systematic follow-up that Juan's new tech platform Neighborly is solving.

S3E26: Tech Nest Season 3 Kickoff Show

Tech Nest season three coming at you! Here's what we discuss in this episode: * The future and direction of Tech Nest--new website, videos, and written content * TET '19 -- * We've become a founding member of Industry Syndicate, but what's Industry Syndicate? * Real Team Panda, what we do and why that matters to those in real estate tech

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