S9E89 The Final Episode - Nate Smoyer

Everything has a start and an end. Today I'm publishing the final episode of Tech Nest, for the foreseeable future. When I started Tech Nest about two years ago, I didn't have any legitimate contacts or relationships in proptech. The original intent was to research the industry, build relationships, and win clients for my agency. It was very effective in accomplishing that original intent. About one year ago, I closed that agency I'd built to join Avail as Director of Marketing full-time. Crazy enough, that was exactly one of the three exit strategies I established when I started my agency: find a client that I'd want to join full-time that also would want me to join them. You could say when I joined Avail, it was mission accomplished for the podcast and the agency. It was when I shutdown the agency that I began to reimagine the purpose of the Tech Nest brand to develop into more than just a podcast. I saw it serving as a sort of hub for the proptech industry. Providing company overviews, product reviews, career opportunities, and more. It's been very difficult to dedicate the time to accomplishing that vision, so it kept getting pushed back. I have detailed what I want to accomplish in the coming years and in 2020 specifically, and it's become clear that building the brand I envisioned doesn't align with my near term focus, nor my long-term focus. So the one question remains is, what's next? Well for one, I still have a big job ahead of me at Avail. Not having the added responsibility of keeping up on the podcast will give me some of the additional time to dedicate to reaching the level I want to get to as a marketing leader. That still requires working with and talking with leaders in the industry, but I'll be more focused on professional development than being a media brand of sorts. I've got my own personal road map of what's next, so there's no new public project to share at this point. Thank you to every guest who's ever agreed to give me their time and share about what they're building. Thanks to everyone who's ever listened to any episode. And especially thanks to every single person who's ever written to me directly to tell me that the show has been interesting, helpful, and entertaining (yes, some have actually said this!). If you ever want to connect on proptech as an industry, share with me what you're working on to get feedback or talk shop as marketers, I'm still very much available for those discussions. Email me nate@avail.co or message me directly on LinkedIn. Cheers! Email Nate: nate@avail.co Website: https://TechNest.io, https://realteampanda.com, https://avail.co Twitter: https://twitter.com/natesmoyer Facebook: https://facebook.com/natesmoyer LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/natesmoyer Instagram: https://instagram.com/natesmoyer

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